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Adventure in Kalahari Desert

Two of the Big 5 live in Kgalagadi National Park: the lion and the leopard. There are no buffaloes, rhinos, or elephants. What could be a disadvantage is actually a plus as it makes Kgalagadi National Park a very unique wilderness sanctuary in South Africa. The species are adapted to the desert environment of the Kalahari which receives an average of 12,2 cubic inches of rain per year. It is no coincidence that the oryx is the emblem of Kgalagadi National Park.
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Adventure in Kalahari Desert
Journey Highlights
  • Impressive Augrabies Falls
  • Augrabies Park safari
  • Safari in southern Kgalagadi Park
  • Safaris in west central Kgalagadi Park
  • Safaris in north Kgalagadi Park
  • Visit the “Cradle of Humankind”