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Gerewol Festival - Woddaabe, M'bororo & Fula of Chad

This extraordinary journey takes you to meet the Wodaabe peoples. Every year, they meet for the Gerewol festival on the theme of beauty, seduction, and love to celebrate the end of the rainy season. Men develop an art of beauty, adornment and make-up in order to seduce women. In this mixture of language, custom and use of space is added a crucial and determining element: The elephants. On the congested and wet tracks, in boats on the river, from village to village we will hunt down the elephant trail, without being certain of meeting them (wild animals, hunted and poached sometimes) raising in our passage a multitude of questions, but above all provoking inevitably meeting and sharing. We offer you an immersive journey into the Chadian culture and the Wodaabe people in a magnificent and green setting, where man and nature mix!
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Gerewol Festival - Woddaabe, M'bororo & Fula of Chad
Journey Highlights
  • Meet Dourmali’s Village Chief
  • Attend the Guerewal Festival
  • Mix with local peoples:
    • Fula
    • Woddaabe
    • M’boro
  • See hippos in their habitat
  • Track elephants in Chari Valley
  • Visit villages along the Chari River
  • Explore local markets